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Choosing and Using Free and Open Source Software: A primer for nonprofits

'Choosing and Using Free and Open Source Software: A Primer for Nonprofits' describes what open source software is and what impact this type of software may have on the nonprofit sector.Release Date: October 9, 2007This is an updated version of our old primer, published in 2004.It includes:

  • case-studies of nonprofits of various sizes that are using open source software,
  • a process for evaluating whether or not open source is right for an organization,
  • a live feed of FOSS Toolkitsfrom Social Source Commons.
  • and useful resources and information.

Written primarily in non-technical language, the Primer is accessible to a wide audience, including nonprofit managers with little hands-on technical expertise.View in HTML | Download a PDF:(To view the PDF, you may need to go to Adobe to get Acrobat Reader, or use an open source PDF reader like xpdf)