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April 2007


As you might have learned, in order to comment on the site, you need to sign up for an account. We're sorry about this - we get an incredible amount of comment spam and false accounts, so we don't have a choice - unless we want to spend all day cleaning up after bots.Also, some of you have had to wait for much longer than we'd like before getting accounts activated - mostly that's due to the time it takes to wade through the dozen false accounts to find the good ones.

Help NOSI pick a logo design direction

Help NOSI pick a logo! We're in the beginning stages of choosing a logo - and these are the two directions our designer has worked on so far. The steering committee is split, so we decided to get community input. These are not final - there will be changes in color, and the like, but they are two very different directions, and we need some guidance.Here's design idea #1:
design idea 1
Here's design idea #2:

Penguin Day, DC

We had a great Penguin Day in DC today! There was an incredible amount of energy in the room, and lots of great conversations. We had a bunch of people talk about the kinds of barriers they find in the ability of nonprofits to adopt open source, and ways that NOSI can help to lower those barriers.

Penguins at NTC!!

I hope that those of you who are at penguin.NOSI has had a good presence here at the conference. We did a 'Geek Out' on Linux - helping a few folks install Ubuntu, troubleshooting some issues (mostly wireless cards,) and just having fun. NOSI designed and moderated a session on 'Case Studies of Open Source Software' - with Jon Stahl of One Northwest, Kim Lowery of Kabissa, and James Jones of the American Red Cross.